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ONE Blackjack (Pragmatic Play): GAME Review & Theme

ONE Blackjack at BC.GAME lets players indulge in an enthralling online gaming journey, crafting an ambiance reminiscent of the most illustrious brick-and-mortar casinos. This online table game, meticulously sculpted and impeccably showcased, is helmed by live professional dealers, displaying a wonderful equilibrium of warmth and professionalism. Each card dealt resonates with the distinctive gratification of a tangible deck, vividly brought to life by cutting-edge live graphics and a fluid user interface.

The game transcends the individual charm of blackjack, introducing a multiplayer feature that cultivates camaraderie among its players. Conversations flow effortlessly through a live chat feature, morphing the online platform into a vibrant and social gaming nexus.

Adding a harmonious undertone to the lively gameplay and friendly banter is a soothing soundtrack. The gentle, unobtrusive background melody lends the final touch to the enveloping ambiance, morphing ONE Blackjack by Pragmatic Play into a virtual haven at an elegant, congenial blackjack table, replete with a splendid fusion of strategy, camaraderie, and serenity.

Gameplay and Tutorial

The core objective in ONE Blackjack revolves around outscoring the dealer by amassing a card total closer to 21 without overshooting it. Clinching an exact card total of 21, colloquially termed blackjack, is hailed as the pinnacle outcome. The table game operates with eight full decks, each deck brimming with 52 cards encompassing 13 values and four suits, offering players the flexibility to value an ace as either a one or an eleven. The game welcomes an endless stream of players, with the betting range stretching from $1 to a staggering $50,000.

Following the placement of all bets, the dealer dispenses two cards to the player face-up and two to themselves, one face-up and the other concealed, termed the hole card. Herein, players can choose from four potential actions: hit, stand, double, or split. Should the dealer's card total linger at 16 or below, a fresh card must be drawn. On the flip side, reaching a total of 17 or beyond mandates the dealer to stand.

About ONE Blackjack at BC.GAME

Renowned for its low volatility, ONE Blackjack at BC.GAME emerges as a prime destination for players yearning for steady, smaller wins rather than chasing larger yet less frequent payouts. The minimized risk factor associated with this game has garnered favor among both neophytes and veteran gamblers, all seeking a less erratic gaming session.

With a promise of glory, ONE Blackjack tempts the daring with a staggering maximum win potential of 2,000 times the initial stake. The allure of transforming a humble hand into a treasure trove adds an exhilarating layer to the game. Standing proudly, ONE Blackjack boasts a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 99.28%, a figure towering over many counterparts in the online gambling sector. Over time, this high RTP suggests that players are poised to retain a substantial percentage of their total wagered amount, enhancing the prospect of net positive returns.

Bet Limits and Payouts

ONE Blackjack at BC.GAME unveils a vast betting spectrum, accommodating players across various budgetary landscapes. A principal bet range oscillates between $1 and $50,000, carving a vast playground for both the prudent and the high-stakes enthusiasts. Adding a dash of zest, ONE Blackjack presents enticing side bets. The Perfect Pairs side bet beckons with a betting range of $1 to $5,000, while 21+3 extends a range of $1 to $2,500. The Bust Bonus side bet ranges from $1 to $1,000, and for those with a penchant for exhilaration, the Crazy 7 side bet ranges from $1 to $250.

The payout structure of ONE Blackjack is nothing short of rewarding. A blackjack hand blesses the fortunate with a 3:2 payout, a victorious hand receives a standard 1:1 payout, and the insurance side bet is alluring with a 2:1 payout rate.

Venturing into the side bet payouts reveals a treasure trove of opportunities. Perfect Pairs promise a rewarding 25x return; Colored Pairs bestow a 12x return; and Non-colored Pairs offer a 6x return. The 21+3 side bet showcases a colorful array of payouts: a Flush secures 5x, a Straight 10x, and Three of a Kind 30x. The Straight Flush is enticing with a 40x return, and should fortune grace you with Suited Trips, a breathtaking 100x payout awaits. The Bust Bonus side bet provides a range between 1x and 250x for three to eight or more cards, and the Crazy 7 side bet captivates with payouts from 5x to a monumental 2,000x for a single 7 and a Triple Suited 7, respectively.

Features of ONE Blackjack (Pragmatic Play)

Insurance Side Bet

Unveiling a unique twist in ONE Blackjack at BC.GAME is the insurance side bet option, coming alive once the dealer's first card is revealed as an ace. Given this turn, players can place an insurance side bet equal to half of their original wager. Should the dealer's hidden card be a 10, forming a blackjack, a payout awaits. Conversely, a non-blackjack second card for the dealer means you part ways with your insurance side bet.

Perfect Pairs Side Bet

There are three distinct Perfect Pairs side bets: Perfect Pair, Colored Pair, and Non-colored Pair. A Perfect Pair brings together two identical cards, like twin Queens or Aces. A Colored Pair is a duo of the same color yet different suits, such as the King of Diamonds alongside the King of Hearts. Lastly, a Non-colored Pair unites two same-ranked cards with differing suits and colors, like the camaraderie between the 3 of Hearts and the 3 of Clubs.

21+3 Side Bet

With the 21+3 bet, a captivating chance to win unveils itself if your initial duo of cards, coupled with the dealer's open card, orchestrate any of the listed triumphant hand formations:

  • Flush: A trio of cards from the same suit, say 2, 6, and 10 of Clubs.
  • Straight: A sequence of three numerically ordered cards from varied suits, like a 2 of Spades, a 3 of Clubs, and a 4 of Hearts.
  • Straight Flush: A harmonious trio of consecutive cards from the same suit, such as a 10, Jack, and Queen of Diamonds.
  • Three of a Kind: A trio of matching ranks from differing suits, for instance, any three Kings from different suits.
  • Suited Trips: A triplet of identical cards, like three Queens of Hearts.

Bust Bonus Side Bet

The Bust Bonus side bet is a thrilling gamble on the dealer crossing the 21 mark, with the payout shifting based on the card count it takes for the dealer to bust. Should a player boast a blackjack and the dealer doesn't, the Bust Bonus side bet finds its way back to the player. Six potential winning outcomes are laid out in this side bet:

  • Bust with three cards: The dealer must bust after three cards are dealt.
  • Bust with four cards: The dealer must bust after four cards are dealt.
  • Bust with five cards: The dealer must bust after five cards are dealt.
  • Bust with six cards: The dealer must bust after six cards are dealt.
  • Bust with seven cards: The dealer must bust after seven cards are dealt.
  • Bust with 8+ cards: The dealer must bust after eight or more cards are dealt.

Crazy 7 Side Bet

The Crazy 7 side bet is a whirl of excitement determined by the player's first trio of cards, unfolding in five scenarios:

  • Single 7: A 7 emerges as the first card, no matter the color or suit.
  • Double Unsuited 7: The initial two cards are 7s, though from different suits.
  • Double Suited 7: A pair of 7s in the first two cards, same suit.
  • Triple Unsuited 7: An unsuited trio of 7s in the first three cards.
  • Triple Suited 7: A suited 7 trilogy in the first, second, and third cards.

A couple of noteworthy considerations: upon splitting 7s, the subsequent card dealt to the first hand is deemed the third card. Moreover, if a dealer's blackjack check is affirmative, requesting a third card in your hand to chase an unsuited or suited Triple 7 is off the table.


ONE Blackjack by Pragmatic Play unveils a refreshing twist on a classic table game, delivering a rush of adrenaline that gaming aficionados are sure to appreciate. It gracefully captures the enduring charm of blackjack and elevates the game with a notable lineup of five distinct side bet options. Each side bet is meticulously crafted, offering a wider range of winning possibilities and adding a nuanced layer of strategy to the game.

With each round, ONE Blackjack injects a burst of excitement, keeping players captivated and eagerly awaiting the next play. The delightful fusion of classic blackjack with innovative side bet choices culminates in a gameplay narrative that's thrilling, rewarding, and thoroughly enjoyable.

To wrap up, if the allure of a live blackjack game goes beyond the standard fare calls, ONE Blackjack at BC.GAME shines as a standout choice. It's a captivating junction where traditional blackjack meets modern gaming innovation, making this choice a discerning one for enthusiasts.

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