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European Blackjack (BetSoft): Game Review & Theme

Many fans of blackjack swear by the strict set of rules that determine the game's outcome. While not difficult to find, it still required some effort to locate. However, Betsoft has made this fantastic table game available to a wider online audience. European Blackjack is played with six decks that are reshuffled at the start of each round. The game's outcome is determined by RNG rather than live dealers drawing cards. As with previous Betsoft games, the animations are superb and enjoyable to watch but can be skipped if desired.

The game's RTP, we have discovered to be 99.38%. Luckily, European Blackjack has a detailed strategy guide that can improve your chances of winning if you follow it. Betsoft's release allows for up to three hands to be played at once, which is a major advantage. However, the lack of any fun side bets somewhat diminishes the game's appeal.

In this game, BetSoft has maintained a traditional design approach for its visuals. The gameplay takes place on a classic felt table with leather lining on the edges. Although the overall atmosphere is not entirely unique, the game succeeds in making players feel like high rollers with access to a special table reserved just for them at the casino. The soundtrack adds to the upper-class ambiance with a classic jazz tune that transports players to the golden age of casino gambling.

About European Blackjack At BC.GAME

Like many table games, European Blackjack by BetSoft has an impressively high RTP of 99.38%. The game employs six decks that are reshuffled at the beginning of each round. When you bet on blackjack, and the cards result in a blackjack, you will receive a payout of 1.5x the base bet. In contrast to most virtual Blackjack games, European Blackjack enables you to play up to three hands at the same time.

Paytable and Bet Size

At BC.GAME, the European Blackjack game, has a broad range of betting options, allowing for a minimum bet of $2 and a maximum of $59 per hand. It is crucial to note that you can play up to three hands simultaneously.

Luckily, you can expect a decent reward when playing blackjack. If the first two cards dealt result in a 21, a payout of 3:2 is given. For regular wins, you receive an even money prize (1:1), except for winning an Insurance bet, which pays out 2:1. However, the odds of winning the Insurance bet are low, so it is not recommended to play it.

Feature of European Blackjack (BetSoft)

Besides the option of playing multiple hands simultaneously, the Betsoft release of European Blackjack does not offer any available side bets. This may not be problematic for you who intend to stick to the optimal strategy to increase your chances of winning. However, for those who prefer to make riskier wagers, this game does not support such an option.


When your first two cards create a 21, that is Blackjack! You get a 3:2 payoff.


By buying insurance, you may safeguard your bet if the dealer's opening card is an Ace. You will receive a payout of double your wager if the dealer has blackjack. You lose the insurance money if the dealer does not have a blackjack on hand.


If two cards have the same value, you can split them into separate hands. The cost of splitting is the value of your current bet. If you are splitting two aces, only one more card can be drawn for each new hand, then the dealer draws his cards, and the game ends.

Double Down

You can double down if you believe that one more card will put you in a position to defeat the dealer's hand. Your bet is doubled, and you are only permitted to hit one more card. You may only double down if your hand contains the numbers 9, 10, and 11.


Betsoft's European Blackjack is available at BC.GAME is ideal if you want to make little changes to the way your favorite game functions. It does not have any new mechanics. Instead, it modifies a few rules here and there to give the blackjack we know and love a new lease on life. Betsoft did an excellent job with this table. Enjoy this game at BC.GAME!

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