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About Dragon Tiger da sorte at BC.GAME

As mentioned earlier, Dragon Tiger is essentially a faster-paced variation of Baccarat. The premise of the game is rather simple; the dealer deals with two cards: one of the cards to the Dragon betting side and another one to the Tiger betting side. Between the player and the dealer, whoever gets the higher card wins the game. As the punter, your role is to wager on the Dragon, Tiger, or Tie, which means the betting options are rather simple.

As for the cards, you have to consider their values if you want any sort of advantage during the game. Aces are the lowest-ranking cards, and the other cards follow their natural values. The King is the highest card. Regardless of the suit, the highest card wins in Live Dragon Tiger. If there is a tie, which occurs when both sides are dealt a card of the same value, punters lose 50% of their bet to either the Dragon or the Tiger.

Introduction to Dragon Tiger da sorte at BC.GAME

In Dragon Tiger da sorte, The tie is a popular wager that pays 11:1 when both sides are dealt cards with the same value. On the other hand, if a tie occurs and you did not previously place this bet, half of your primary wager will be returned. There is also the 50:1 Suited Tie wager. The game also includes side bets, which we’ll discuss in the review’s following part. Its RTP in the main game is 96.27%. While the Suited Tie bet has an RTP of 86.02%, the Tie bet has an RTP of 89.64%. These numbers reveal a lot about how perilous betting on ties is.

There are several additional side bets available in Ezugi’s Dragon Tiger. They are not, however, as profitable as in other table games. On the other hand, they all have an RTP of 92.31% and award even-money prizes.

Game Rules

The premise of Dragon Tiger da sorte is pretty much the exact same as traditional Baccarat. Players will need to bet on the total value of their cards and whether they will be higher or lower than that of the dealer. Of course, different bets come with different payouts, and as a rule of thumb, the riskier the bet, the higher the payout ratio. Players must place their bets before the dealer begins delivering the cards to the table.

Betting Options

One important aspect of Ezugi’s live dealer games is the fact that the betting range is vast enough to cater to all types of players. In this Dragon Tiger title, the betting range offers a minimum possible bet of $1 and a maximum of $2,000. In essence, Dragon Tiger da sorte offers 5 conventional betting options, and these are by far the most popular among casual players. The primary betting options can include the following:

The first wager we will cover is often the most popular, and it is a bet placed on either the Dragon or Tiger. The payout ratio is 1:1, meaning you will get paid the same amount of money you wagered, but only when you win. You can also bet on Big Dragon, Big Tiger, Small Dragon, or  Small Tiger. When playing Dragon Tiger, all cards with a value of 7 or more are counted as “big.” Alternatively, any card with a value that’s lower than 7 is considered “small.” Finally, players can also expect a 1:1 payout ratio when placing these bets.

The second most popular bet is the Odd or Even option, which only pays if the side you bet on consists of an odd or even number. Additionally, if a 7 is drawn, both bets are lost. Remember that in Dragon Tiger, an Ace counts as 1, a Jack counts as 11, a Queen counts as 12, and a King counts as 13. In essence, the game is rather easy to follow since each of the cards represents its own value that is seen on the card. Additionally, when placing the Odd or Even wager, the bet will only award a payout if the side you have previously selected triumphed.

Players can also place bets on the color of the cards that are dealt. In this case, once the selected side is dealt a red or black card, the Red or Black side wager will prevail, and the player will receive a fairly decent payout. These types of wagers also pay off if a card with a value of 7 and the chosen color is drawn, in which case the player receives the same payout as the aforementioned bet.

Finally, there is another alternative that is riskier but offers much higher payouts. Punters have to guess the suit of the card on a specific side of the table. This type of wager involves sheer luck. You have to guess whether the card will be a Diamond, Heart, Spade, or Club. This means there are far more variables compared to the other two options. However, the main advantage is that the payout ratio is 3:1. The highest paying bet in Dragon Tiger da sorte is the suited tie bet; it’s the riskiest but offers an excellent payout of 50:1.


Ezugi is undoubtedly one of the leading live casino providers in the industry. When taking this into consideration, players can expect a high-class gaming experience that is complete with competitive betting options and payouts, as well as excellent visuals that are provided through 4K camera technology. Together these features will immerse players in the gameplay, making them feel as though they’re actually in a brick-and-mortar casino.

If you like simple yet fun card games that don’t require complex strategies to win, Dragon Tiger is a fantastic option. Here, significant wins are earned by taking riskier bets, but the highest paying bet, which is the suited tie option, pays 50:1, and its RTP is only 89.64%, while the Dragon or Tiger bet offers only a 1:1 payout, but it has an excellent RTP of 96.27%. The choice is all yours, and that’s the beauty of this simple, stunning, and captivating table game.

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