Double Ball Roulette

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1300 x

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$1 to $800

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Introduction To Double Ball Roulette at BC.GAME

The gameplay of Double Ball Roulette takes place on a European roulette wheel, which means this wheel only has a single zero. As is the case with many live dealer games, the RTP of Double Ball Roulette at BC.GAME is relatively high at 97.3%. The video feed of this live dealer game is of the highest possible quality, a characteristic shared by all of Evolution Gaming’s live dealer titles. With the accompaniment of exuberant and professional dealers, Double Ball Roulette is one of the most thrilling and authentic live dealer titles players can get their hands on.

About Double Ball Roulette at BC.GAME

Double Ball Roulette is as thrilling as live dealer games come. Roulette is already known for adding an exciting touch to casino lobbies due to the aspect of chance and, of course, the vast winning potential. With Double Ball Roulette, players can place outside bets with double the chance of winning; however, both balls must land successfully. Alternatively, players can place inside bets with halved payouts, but only a single ball needs to land successfully. The maximum total winning potential is 1300x; considering that the betting range lies between $1 and $800, this payout potential is quite vast.

Game Rules

The rules of Double Ball Roulette at BC.GAME is similar to traditional European roulette, except for different betting options. First, players will need to place their bets during the betting round. Players will then have 20 seconds to place their bets before the round begins. The two roulette balls are shot into the roulette wheel with compressed air; the two balls will reach the wheel almost simultaneously. It’s also important to note that two roulette balls can land in the same slot due to the increased size of the spaces.

Betting Options

As mentioned previously, the two balls will double the chance of winning, lowering the payout ratio for inside betting options. Either of the two balls can land successfully for players to win when placing inside bets; this is the cause of the lower payout ratios. Both balls landing successfully will double the winning amount. The inside bets offer payouts as follows:

Inside Bets:

Straight up - 35:1
Split - 17:1
Street - 11:1
Corner - 8:1
Line - 5:1

The outside bets are unique within Double Ball Roulette at BC.GAME. The outside bets are easily distinguishable as they are tinged with gold. For players to win the outside bets they have placed, both balls must land successfully. Players must bet on both balls to land on a single selected number to achieve the maximum winning potential; if the bet lands successfully, the initial bet will be increased by 1300x. The outside bets offer payouts as follows:

Outside Bets:

Column - 2:1
Dozen - 2:1
Red - 3:1
Black - 3:1
Red/Black - 1:1
Even - 3:1
Odd - 3:1
Even/Odd - 1:1
1-18 - 3:1
19-36 - 3:1
Two balls on any number - 35:1
Two balls on a selected number - 1300:1

Strategy For Double Ball Roulette at BC.GAME

The variance within traditional roulette is already relatively high, and the double ball feature increases the variance. Most winning strategies revolve around the inside bets and the jackpot because only one of the two balls must land when placing inside bets. Successfully landing both balls will then double the winning amount. The line is the safest betting option within Double Ball Roulette at BC.GAME, mainly because a 6-line bet covers two adjacent streets on the betting table. The total number covered is 6; if any of the six numbers within these rows land, a 5:1 payout will be awarded. If players wish to aim for the jackpot of 1300x the initial bet, we’d advise them to use the smallest betting amount possible or whatever bet their bankroll comfortably permits. To win the jackpot, players must land two balls on a single selected number, and the odds of this occurring are relatively low.


Double Ball Roulette was first introduced to the iGaming industry in 2016, and for a live dealer game produced almost a decade ago, the game is still surprisingly popular. The popularity of Double Ball Roulette at BC.GAME can be attributed to the vast winning potential of 1300x the initial stake. The added thrill of having two balls circle the roulette wheel and the playful live dealers make the game even more exciting. For players looking to experience a real-life casino experience without leaving their homes, Double Ball Roulette is the perfect alternative. The graphics are phenomenal, and with the added features and bets, this live dealer title quickly became one of the most popular live dealer roulette games available. Many online casino goers still play it even today.

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