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Blackjack Clássico em Português 5 (Evolution Gaming): GAME Review & Theme

Blackjack Clássico em Português 5 by Evolution Gaming breathes life into the classic casino experience with a delightful twist of the Portuguese language. It's a mesmerizing amalgamation of old-world charm and cutting-edge technology. The game welcomes you into an immersive world with the inviting green velvet of the table, reminiscent of vintage casinos. But don't be deceived by the classic aesthetic; the title incorporates state-of-the-art video and audio technology, delivering an experience that's both familiar and refreshingly new.

The scene is set with diligent Portuguese dealers ready to engage in live chats, fostering a vibrant and authentic casino atmosphere. The game interface is slick and user-friendly, with easily legible cards and a straightforward layout. An intriguing backdrop showcases bustling dealers at their tables, giving players a taste of the wider casino atmosphere and making them feel like a part of a much larger gaming universe. With its excellent graphics, meticulous attention to detail, and engaging gameplay, Blackjack Clássico em Português 5 truly is a testament to Evolution Gaming's knack for crafting high-quality, immersive gaming experiences.

Gameplay and Tutorial

The goal of Blackjack Clássico em Português 5 is to outscore the dealer by achieving a card sum closer to 21 without surpassing it. Getting a card sum of exactly 21, known as a blackjack, is deemed the winning play. The game uses eight full decks, each made up of 52 cards with 13 ranks and four suits and offers the option for players to regard an ace as either one or eleven. Up to three seats can be filled by players, who may place bets anywhere between $1 and $10,000.

Following all bet placements, the dealer deals two cards facing upwards to the player and one face-up and one face-down card (the hole card) to themselves. Players can then be given four choices: hit, stand, double, or split. If the dealer's sum of cards is 16 or less, they are required to draw another card. On the other hand, if the dealer's total card count is 17 or above, they must stand.

About Blackjack Clássico em Português 5 at BC.GAME

Blackjack Clássico em Português 5 from Evolution Gaming is a low-volatility online casino table game that provides a consistent and predictable gaming experience for players. With a higher chance of winning, players can enjoy extended play sessions and manage their bankroll more effectively. This inherent steadiness provides an ideal environment for both beginners and seasoned players who prefer a more stable gameplay structure.

As for potential rewards, Blackjack Clássico em Português 5 gives players the opportunity to win up to a significant 100 times their original bet. The game further captivates players with its highly favorable Return to Player (RTP) rate of 99.29%, a figure that is markedly higher than many other titles within the iGaming industry, indicating a greater chance of returns over time, thereby enhancing the title's appeal for long-term play and profitability.

Bet Limits and Payouts

Blackjack Clássico em Português 5 at BC.GAME has a wide main bet that ranges from $10 to $10,000. Not to mention, the title also accommodates various side bet ranges to suit every player's budget and risk preference. The Bet Behind option offers a range from a minimum $1 to a maximum of $250, while the Perfect Pairs and 21+3 options have a broader range, stretching from $1 to an impressive $1,000. These extensive ranges create diverse betting possibilities, making the game appealing to a wide array of players.

Blackjack Clássico em Português 5 payout structure, on the other hand, offers a rewarding 3:2 payout for a Blackjack and an even 1:1 payout for a winning hand. Opting for insurance pays twice as much at 2:1.

Moreover, the game spices things up with diverse side bet rewards. Perfect Pairs yield a generous 25x return, Colored Pairs give a 12x multiplier, and Non-colored Pairs contribute a 6x payout. The 21+3 side bet adds another layer of excitement by offering vast winning potential: a Flush pays out 5x, a Straight brings back 10x, and Three of a Kind earns 25x. A Straight Flush offers a handsome 40x return, and if you're lucky enough to score Suited Trips, you're looking at a remarkable 100x payout. The combination of reward structures ensures both an intriguing and highly rewarding gaming experience.

Features of Blackjack Clássico em Português 5 (Evolution Gaming)

Three Seats

At the end of every round, you are given a chance to play up to three seats simultaneously. Each seat signifies a distinct hand, each receiving two cards in the same manner as traditional blackjack. Multi-hand gaming heightens your potential winnings since, with three distinct hands, you have triple the chance to beat the dealer. Essentially, this multiplies your chances of succeeding and could rapidly boost your financial gains.

Bet Behind

Bet Behind is excellent for those new to the game, allowing them to place bets on another player's hand and share in their victories without being directly seated at the table. Some players may display a golden icon accompanied by a number, showing their string of continuous wins, which can help you make a more informed decision when picking the right hand to back.

Insurance Side Bet

The option to place an Insurance side bet equal to half of your initial total bet comes into play when the dealer's face-up card is an ace. If the dealer's hidden card reveals a blackjack, you receive a 2x payout. However, if the dealer's other card does not result in a blackjack, you forfeit your insurance bet.

Perfect Pairs Side Bet

The Perfect Pair side bet features three distinct types of Pairs: a Perfect Pair, marked by two identical cards such as two Kings or two Aces; a Colored Pair, defined by two cards of different suits but of the same color, like the Queen of Diamonds and the Queen of Hearts; and a Mixed Pair, represented by two cards of the same rank but of differing suits and colors, like the 7 of Hearts and the 7 of Clubs.

21+3 Side Bet

The 21+3 bet offers an interesting chance to win if your first pair of cards and the dealer's exposed card form any of the winning hand combinations below:

  • Flush: Three cards of the same suit, for instance, a 2, 6, and 10 of Clubs.
  • Straight: Three cards in numerical sequence but from different suits, such as a 2 of Spades, a 3 of Clubs, and a 4 of Hearts.
  • Straight Flush: Three cards in numerical sequence and of the same suit, such as a 10, Jack, and Queen of Diamonds.
  • Three of a Kind: Three cards of identical rank from different suits, like any three Kings not of the same suit.
  • Suited Trips: Three identical cards, for instance, 3 Queens of Hearts.


Blackjack Clássico em Português 5 from Evolution Gaming splendidly combines the thrill of classic blackjack with the modern convenience of online play. The game offers an immersive experience that resonates with the nostalgic charm of sitting in a Portuguese casino, all accessible from your mobile device. An array of features enhances the excitement, such as side bets and up to three seats per player, substantially increasing the opportunities for victory.

This unique blackjack variant captures the essence of traditional Portuguese gaming culture while embracing the benefits of contemporary technology. As the game unfolds, you'll find yourself drawn into a world of strategic decision-making and high-stakes rewards. If you're a blackjack enthusiast seeking a unique, engaging, and linguistically authentic twist, Blackjack Clássico em Português 5 at BC.GAME is the virtual seat at the table you've been searching for.

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