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American Blackjack (Betsoft): Game Review & Theme

American Blackjack by Betsoft is a traditional and classic version of the popular casino card game. In a market filled with various iterations of Blackjack, this game stands out for maintaining the original rules and gameplay, ensuring a high return rate, and sticking to the golden standards of the genre.

Unlike other variants introducing new elements or rule changes, American Blackjack keeps things familiar and familiarizes players with the standard rules they know and love. The game aims to provide an authentic and immersive experience, allowing players to focus on the pure essence of Blackjack without distractions.

With a razor-thin house edge, the game maintains a fair and balanced gameplay environment. Players can expect a level playing field and reasonable odds when competing against the dealer.

Betsoft's American Blackjack offers a straightforward and enjoyable experience for new and experienced players. Its simplicity allows players to focus on strategy and decision-making, making it an ideal choice for purists and those who prefer the classic Blackjack experience.

How to Play

Betsoft's American Blackjack stays true to the essence of the Vegas Strip regulations, with only a few minor adjustments to the standard rules. The objective remains the same: players strive to outscore the dealer without exceeding 21. Achieving a natural 21, or Blackjack, with the first two cards dealt gives players an instant win. The game employs six decks of 52 cards each, and cards from 2 to 10 carry their face value, while Aces can be counted as 1 or 11, and Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 10 points each.

Betsoft ensures a fair gaming environment by shuffling the decks between rounds, eliminating any chances of card counting. Players can engage in multi-hand play, with up to three hands allowed against the dealer.

Regarding the dealer's rules, they draw until reaching 16 and stand on hard 17s (hands without an Ace). Soft 17s, on the other hand, involve taking additional cards. The dealer will check for Blackjack if their face-up card is an Ace or has a value of 10, offering insurance, which is advised against due to its unfavorable odds.

Players can double down before taking a third card, but only if their first two cards amount to 10 or 11 points. Splitting is allowed once per hand, and while re-splits are not permitted, the multi-hand feature compensates for this limitation. Following a split, players can double down except when splitting Aces. Only one additional card is drawn per split Ace, but players can hit for more cards for other splits.

About American Blackjack (Betsoft) at BC.GAME

American Blackjack by Betsoft, available at BC.GAME offers a low-volatility gaming experience. This means that players can expect more frequent but smaller wins, creating a steady and less volatile gameplay compared to high-volatility games with more significant but less frequent wins.

Moreover, the game boasts a high Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97.68%. This percentage indicates the theoretical payout rate over an extended period of play. With an RTP of 97.68%, players can anticipate a relatively favorable return on their wagers, making it an attractive choice for those seeking better odds and potential winnings.

Combining the low volatility and high RTP, American Blackjack at BC.GAME provides an appealing and rewarding gaming environment, balancing steady wins and favorable returns on player investments.

Feature of American Blackjack (Betsoft)

Once you access the game, focus on the lower half of the screen. In the center, you'll see three areas for bet placement. Below them, there's a widget with playing chips of different denominations. Select a chip and place it in the designated zone to make your bet. After placing the bet, three new icons will appear: "Deal" starts the game, while the other two allow you to adjust your wagers.

When a round begins, cards will be dealt to the positions where you place your bets. Two cards will appear at the top, but only one will face up. Your objective is to decide on the best move for your hand based on the limited information available. You can refer to the "rules" page provided by Betsoft American Blackjack for instructions on how to play strategically and maximize your return rates in the long run. Alternatively, you can check the "strategy" section of the casino's website for additional guidance.

If the gameplay speed is not your liking, you can adjust the dealing animations' speed using the three arrow keys at the bottom-left side of the screen. Additionally, general and sound options, as well as the help screen, can also be found in this area.


The payout in American Blackjack typically follows a standard set of rules, which are as follows:

1. Winning Hand: If your hand is higher than the dealer's hand without exceeding 21, you win, and your bet is paid out at a 1:1 ratio. For example, if you bet $10, you will receive $10 in winnings, making your total payout $20.

2. Blackjack (Natural 21): If you are dealt a natural 21 (an Ace and a 10-value card) with your first two cards, it is called a Blackjack. Blackjack usually pays out at a higher rate than a standard win, typically at a ratio of 3:2. So, if you bet $10 and get a Blackjack, you would receive $15 in winnings, plus your original bet, resulting in a total payout of $25.

3. Insurance Payout: In some variations of American Blackjack, the dealer offers insurance when their face-up card is an Ace. If you take insurance and the dealer does have a Blackjack, the insurance bet pays out at a ratio of 2:1. However, it's essential to note that taking insurance is generally considered a less favorable bet and experienced players tend to avoid it.

4. Double Down Payout: Your bet is increased by double the original amount when you choose to double down. If you win the hand after doubling down, you will receive a payout based on the new, higher bet size.

American Blackjack (Betsoft): Summary

Betsoft's version of American Blackjack closely resembles the variants played in Las Vegas, making it an excellent choice for both purists and newcomers to the genre. The game stays true to the traditional rules, providing an authentic blackjack experience that appeals to players seeking classic gameplay.

The optional multi-hand feature adds extra excitement for those who wish to take on more risk and challenge their skills against the dealer across multiple hands. However, there need to be side bets to please players who enjoy additional betting options and potentially higher payouts.

The betting limits of $2-$59 may be better for high rollers seeking more considerable wagering opportunities, but they should suit the preferences of the majority of players. For most casual players and those looking for a balanced betting range, these limits offer a satisfactory betting experience.

The option to play a demo version is available for players still waiting to try the game. This allows potential players to test the waters and get a feel for the game without financial commitment. Whether you play for free or real money, Betsoft's American Blackjack is available at all the casinos listed, providing a convenient and accessible gaming experience for players of various preferences.

In conclusion, Betsoft's American Blackjack is a solid rendition of the classic card game, catering to purists and newcomers alike. It's true-to-form gameplay and optional multi-hand feature make it an appealing choice, while the lack of side bets and moderate betting limits may influence some players' decisions. With the opportunity to try the game for free or with real money at various reputable casinos, players can explore this title to see if it aligns with their preferences and style of play.

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