Run Away! Zombies

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Run Away! Zombies (BC Originals): Slot Review & Theme

In an unexpected twist, Granny's peaceful nightly TV ritual is abruptly disrupted by an invasion of zombies! Usually content with her shows, Granny is now in a predicament that has her furious and ready to take action. This isn't just a mere disturbance; it's a full-scale invasion right in her living room, and these uninvited guests are messing with her favorite pastime.

Granny, however, is no ordinary senior citizen. Despite her age, she's spry, resourceful, and surprisingly adept at handling such unworldly intruders. Armed with a mix of traditional wisdom and unexpected combat skills, she's determined to defend her home and her beloved TV time.

Your role in this chaotic scenario is crucial. As you step into this bizarre and humorous situation, you'll assist Granny in her battle against the zombie horde. Using a variety of tactics, you'll help her outsmart and overpower these relentless invaders. Every zombie you and Granny manage to defeat brings you closer to restoring peace and, more importantly, getting her back to her cherished TV shows.

The game promises a blend of action, strategy, and humor, as players navigate through waves of zombies, employing clever tactics and making use of Granny's unique skills. Success in this mission not only means saving Granny's quiet evenings but also earning rewards for your valiant efforts. Are you ready to team up with Granny and show these zombies they picked the wrong house to interrupt? The adventure promises to be as entertaining as it is unexpected, with plenty of surprises and laughter along the way.

Paytable and Bet Size

Embark on an exhilarating gaming experience with a slot that combines both accessibility and high-stakes excitement. Whether you're a casual player or a high roller, this game has you covered, offering a minimum bet of just 0.1 for those who prefer to play it safe, and a maximum bet of 100 for the daring players looking to make a big splash. The true allure of the game lies in its staggering payout potential - an impressive 10,000 times your bet, providing a thrilling opportunity for colossal winnings. Set against a generously designed 6x5 reel layout, the game promises an engaging and dynamic experience with plenty of chances for big wins. This well-balanced mix of low entry bets and high payout potential makes the game an attractive choice for a wide range of players, each spin carrying the possibility of turning a modest wager into a grand jackpot.

About Run Away! Zombies at BC.GAME

Granny's daily routine is simple yet filled with delight: she cherishes her time on the sofa, immersing herself in the world of her favorite TV programs. This tranquil pastime, however, faces an unexpected and bizarre interruption when a horde of zombies suddenly invades her living room, disrupting her TV-viewing pleasure. Far from your typical frail elderly lady, Granny is fiercely determined not to let these uninvited guests ruin her relaxation time. She's ready to take a stand and fight back against the zombie invasion with all her might.

In this unique 6x5 grid slot machine game, you're invited to join Granny in her unusual yet thrilling battle against the zombies. As you spin the reels, you’ll help Granny ward off these pesky intruders. The game is not just about spinning and winning; it's a fight to restore peace to Granny's living room. With a maximum win potential of up to 10,000 times the bet, every spin holds the promise of not just defeating the zombies but also achieving substantial rewards.

The game brilliantly combines the charm of a quirky storyline with the excitement of slot gaming, making every round an adventurous endeavor. Help Granny reclaim her quiet evenings and revel in the satisfaction of both protecting her cherished TV time and potentially landing a massive win. It's an unexpected adventure with stakes as high as the rewards, where resilience and luck can lead to victory in the most entertaining of ways.

Features of Run Away! Zombies (BC Originals)

Rampaging Tractor

Put these zombies back in their graves! Rampaging Tractors will smash everything in their path, leaving a trail of WILD symbols. It can even receive a multiplier if tombstone is destroyed! When the Tractor symbol lands on the reels, leaving a trail on all positions it passes through.The Tractor and its trail collectively act as one Wild symbol.

When the tractor symbol passes over a wild symbol in the game, it gains a random multiplier. In cases where multiple tractor symbols, each with their own multipliers, contribute to a winning combination, their multipliers are combined for an even greater impact. The range of multipliers that the tractor symbol can receive includes 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, and 100x, offering a variety of possibilities to increase your winnings significantly.

Road Rage Bonus Game

On her way to the graveyard, Granny makes a short stop to clear zombies blocking the road. In this Bonus Game, more Rampaging Tractors appear, allowing for greater win potential. Purple “FS” scatters appear only in the base game and in the road rage bonus game. 3 or more purple “FS” scatter symbols trigger road rage bonus game with 10 free spins.

Grave Madness Bonus Game

Finally, Granny is at the point where it all started and will end zombies invasion once and for all. In this Bonus Game, once a Rampaging Tractor lands on the reel, the reel becomes activated, and Tractors are guaranteed to land on it until the end of the Bonus Game!

Buy Bonus

By pressing “BUY BONUS” button, players can purchase bonus games and activate special spins. During special spins, players are guaranteed to get certain features.

Special Spins

Zombie invasion is at your door! Increase your bet size to activate Special Spins. In BONUS BOOST, your odds of triggering a bonus game are increased. In TWO TRACTORS and THREE TRACTORS spins, you are guaranteed to land Rampaging Tractors on each spin!

  • Bonus Rush special spins increase the chances of winning bonus games by 5 times when active. The RTP of activated special spins is 96.30%.
  • Two Tractors special spins ensure the appearance of 2 or more Tractor symbols on every spin when active. The RTP when buying the feature is 96.31%.
  • Road Rage Buy Bonus immediately triggers Road Rage bonus game. The RTP when buying the bonus game is 96.31%.
  • Grave Madness Buy Bonus immediately triggers Grave Madness bonus game. The RTP when buying the bonus game is 96.31%.

Run Away! Zombies (BC Originals): Summary

Run Away! Zombies at BC.GAME is an action-packed and humor-filled slot game that revolves around an unlikely hero – Granny. The game unfolds in Granny's cozy living room, her favorite spot for daily TV sessions. But her tranquility is shattered when a horde of zombies rudely interrupts her TV time, unleashing chaos right in the middle of her favorite shows.

Set on a dynamic 6x5 grid, the game immerses players in a quirky battle against the undead. As Granny, players must fend off the zombie invasion, using a combination of guts, guile, and some unexpected fighting skills. Each spin on the slot machine is not just about lining up the right symbols; it's a fight for survival and entertainment.

The stakes in Run Away! Zombies are as high as the zombies are relentless. Players have the chance to win big, with a maximum payout of up to 10,000 times the bet. This high reward potential, coupled with the engaging theme of zombie combat, makes the game an exhilarating experience.

The game is perfect for those who enjoy a mix of horror, comedy, and the thrill of slot gaming. It's an invitation to step into Granny's shoes, defend her beloved TV time, and potentially walk away with a massive victory against the undead. Prepare for laughter, suspense, and some serious slot action in Run Away! Zombies at BC.GAME.

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