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Fiat Currency Display for Cryptocurrency Players

Players who elect to view their cryptocurrency balances in terms of fiat currency equivalents ("Converted Balances") should expressly recognize that such Converted Balances are for reference purposes only and serve as approximate estimates. Although BC Game endorses diligent efforts to ensure that the conversion rates utilized are accurate and updated, all transactions, wagers, and settlements conducted on our platform are denominated and settled in cryptocurrency.

Limitation of Liability

BC.GAME expressly disclaims any liability for inaccuracies, errors, or discrepancies in the Converted Balances presented. Players are hereby advised that the cryptocurrency amount shall be deemed the primary value for all transactions and wagers, and any reliance on estimated fiat conversions, known as Converted Balances, is at the sole risk of the player.

Third-Party Games

Our platform may integrate third-party games offering the display of fiat conversion options ("Third-Party Converted Balances"). BC.GAME shall not be held accountable for any discrepancies between the Converted Balances shown on the website and the Third-Party Converted Balances presented within these third-party games.

Reporting Discrepancies

We actively encourage players to promptly report any discrepancies or irregularities observed between the Converted Balances displayed and the actual cryptocurrency amounts. Such reporting should be directed to our support team for immediate review and action. Timely reporting assists us in the continuous improvement of player experience and the accuracy of information presented.

Coin accuracy limit

Due to the limitation of data storage accuracy, changes in the amount less than a certain amount will not take effect. The minimum accuracy of most coins is consistent with the currency accuracy of the blockchain. For example, the minimum unit of SATS is 1. The minimum data storage accuracy of each coin is shown in the following table:

CurrencyCoin Accuracy Limit