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Speed Baccarat A (Evolution Gaming): Game Review & Theme

In the world of Baccarat, speed is of the essence, and Speed Baccarat A by Evolution Gaming takes it to the next level. While the standard game already moves at a brisk pace with each round lasting 48 seconds, this variant pushes the boundaries even further. With a lightning-quick 27-second duration for each round, the excitement is intensified.

The moment you place your bets, the cards are swiftly revealed, and winners are announced in a flash. This accelerated gameplay not only adds an adrenaline rush but also elevates the anticipation to new heights. Get ready to experience Baccarat like never before with Speed Baccarat A by Evolution Gaming.

Paytable and Bet Size

In Evolution Gaming's Speed Baccarat, players can choose to bet on the banker, the player, or a tie, with third card rules applied as necessary to determine the outcome. The game offers an optimal return to player (RTP) rate of 98.94%, calculated based on the best strategy for betting on the banker.

- Betting on the player's hand results in an even-money payout.
- Betting on the banker's hand is adjusted to account for the house edge, offering a 1:0.95 payout ratio, with a 5% commission.
- Betting on a tie pays out at 8:1 odds.
- If both the player and banker hands have the same value, it's considered a push, and wagers are returned to the players.

About Speed Baccarat A (Evolution Gaming) at BC.GAME

When it comes to Speed Baccarat, Evolution Gaming is the undisputed leader in providing this thrilling game. You'll find Evolution Gaming's version featured at the majority of online casinos, including BC.GAME.

In this variant, the game is played with eight standard 52-card decks, following the traditional card values: aces count as 1, numbers 2 to 9 are valued by their pip numbers, and 10s and face cards are worth zero. The rounds persist until the cut card is dealt, signaling the end of the current shoe. At this point, the cards are either shuffled, or a new shoe is introduced to continue the gameplay.

Feature of Speed Baccarat A (Evolution Gaming)

Speed Baccarat A by Evolution Gaming offers lightning-fast gameplay with side bets for added excitement. You can bet on pairs and perfect pairs, and track game results using Bead Road and Big Road scorecards.

Side Bets and Return to Player (RTP) Rates in Speed Baccarat A (Evolution Gaming)

In Speed Baccarat A by Evolution Gaming, players have the opportunity to place various side bets, although the rapid pace of the game allows little time for strategic planning. However, these side bets can be highly rewarding if you have a preferred system. You can place these side wagers next to the main bets on the screen:

1. Player or Banker Pair
  - Description: Bet on the player's or banker's two cards forming a pair.
  - RTP Rate: 89.64%
  - Payout: 11:1

2. Perfect Pair (One Pair)
  - Description: Wager on the player's or banker's two cards being identical in both suit and value.
  - RTP Rate: 91.95%
  - Payout: 25:1

3. Perfect Pair (Two Pairs)
  - Description: Bet that both the player and banker will draw identical pairs in both suit and value.
  - RTP Rate: 91.95%
  - Payout: 200:1

4. Either Pair
  - Description: Place a single bet on either the banker or player having a pair.
  - RTP Rate: 86.29%
  - Payout: 5:1

Scorecards and Patterns in the Roads

For enthusiasts looking to identify trends and patterns in the card results, Evolution Gaming's Speed Baccarat provides scorecards displayed at the bottom of the screen in five distinct grids known as roads:

1. Bead Road
  - Located on the left of the screen, it uses solid circles to indicate wins. Red represents a banker win, blue signifies a player hand win, and green denotes a tie. A blue dot in a circle indicates a pair for the player, while red dots signify a pair for the banker.

2. Big Road
  - Displayed on the right, it uses outlined circles to mark results. Each time there's a change in the winner, a new column starts, making it easy to identify winning streaks. The total wins are summarized in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Speed Baccarat A (Evolution Gaming): Summary

Evolution Gaming took traditional Baccarat up a notch with its faster gameplay, which contributes to the game’s overall excitement and anticipation. Compared to the standard Live Baccarat game, Evolution’s own Speed Baccarat offers game rounds that last 48 seconds, upping the pace. The results time is also kept to a minimum, and every round is finished within a suspense-filled 27 seconds only. There are also paid bonuses to watch out for if players want to reap bigger payouts.

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