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Keno is a classical game that has been played for centuries. The idea is simple: pick some numbers and hope they come up. Keno is played on the same principle as bingo, but instead of trying to match numbers on your card with other players' cards, you are hoping your numbers will appear in an array of randomly-generated balls drawn from a drum.

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reinste Verarschung hier alles
Bc game is just a scam, you can never win from orginal slots.
BC wtf is your Mission ??? just today over 8000bets and hit 3 times 56x highes! those Red Streaks impossible to be legit! where the fu are the hits last 3 weeks trying to hit 500x ! Comon enough ! unblock This Rigg Mode its just 30-50cent bet 250$ you took 3k this month ! 0Fun to play anymore every Depo bust for weeks! Turn of GODMODE !
This site is so full of shit. Not a single fair fucking game anywhere. BC.GAME needs to be shut down the people who run it need to be tried and I hope they all go to jail for a very long time. You deserve to suffer.
Why only losss???????????????????????????
4 depos no fu hits is this Casino Broken??
gim kntl lostnya kaga ngotak
Jogo mentiroso eu não está acrescentando o valor quando acerta mais não deixa de descontar uma entrada
Third class games, no winning only loss
Lol game😂😅
i hope this site goes down in flames, pieces of shit!!!
The best Keno provider on the internet!
fuckin scam, now after yesterdays fuckup its even worse
Only loss, again deposit and loss
This casino is a fucking scam. They are letting it die rather than play fair. I hope every last person involved at bc games gets what they deserve.
Always lost whenever i deposited
Total fake, we can never win, only loss
There is no profit in keno and even in bc game, they're looting us
Fuck you bc game