Goddess Of Lotus 10E

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Reel Resign

5 x 3

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Stakes Range

$0.1 to $20

About this game

Goddess Of Lotus 10E (Spinomenal): GAME Review & Theme

Spinomenal has once again raised the bar for immersive gaming with their latest creation, Goddess of Lotus 10 Lines. This captivating slot transports players to a captivating Chinese-themed world, where the backdrop showcases awe-inspiring mountains against a night sky adorned with twinkling stars and a resplendent full moon. Careful attention has been given to the design of the game's interface, strategically positioning the command bar at the lower section of the screen to ensure seamless and intuitive control of gameplay. Complementing the visual splendor is an enchanting soundtrack that accompanies your gaming journey, ensuring an engaging and delightful experience from start to finish. With smooth and flawless graphics, players can easily load and enjoy the game directly from their web browser without the need for any software downloads.

Goddess of Lotus - 10 Lines offers a medium variance gameplay, striking the perfect balance between regular payouts and the thrill of chasing significant wins. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, this game is tailor-made to captivate and entertain. It's a delightful choice for those who appreciate both traditional elements and innovative features, making Goddess of Lotus - 10 Lines a must-try slot that promises hours of excitement and potential rewards.

About Goddess Of Lotus 10E at BC.GAME

At BC.GAME, the Goddess of Lotus 10 Lines by Spinomenal, offers an extraordinary auditory experience complemented by stunningly crafted visuals. As you embark on your gaming adventure, you'll be enchanted by the soothing melodies and captivated by the high-quality graphics that grace the screen. The majestic backdrop of towering mountains sets the stage, providing an awe-inspiring setting for the game's intriguing escapades. The playing field itself consists of 5 reels arranged in 3 rows, accompanied by 10 paylines that pave the way for potential wins.

Delving deeper into the gameplay, Goddess of Lotus 10 Lines boasts an impressive array of statistics that further enhance its allure. With an enticing Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.31%, players can expect favorable returns over their gaming sessions. The game's volatility is categorized as low, promising a well-balanced mixture of consistent payouts and occasional larger wins. As you spin the reels, the potential for triumph grows exponentially, with a remarkable maximum win potential of 3000x, beckoning players with the promise of substantial rewards. Additionally, the game's hit rate of 21.51% ensures that thrilling moments are frequently interspersed throughout your gameplay.

Powered by cutting-edge HTML5 and JavaScript technology, Goddess of Lotus 10 Lines delivers a versatile gaming experience that transcends platforms. Whether you're seated at your desktop or on the go with your mobile device, the game seamlessly adapts to your preferred playstyle, allowing you to immerse yourself in its enchanting world at your convenience. With its harmonious blend of auditory and visual splendor, coupled with enticing statistics and cross-platform compatibility, Goddess of Lotus 10 Lines stands as a testament to Spinomenal's commitment to providing players with an extraordinary and captivating gaming journey.

Pay Table and Bet Size

Engaging in the captivating world of Goddess of Lotus 10 Lines at BC.GAME is a straightforward endeavor that promises a seamless and enjoyable experience. To embark on this thrilling journey, you'll begin by selecting your preferred bet size per line. The game grants you the flexibility to opt for wagers ranging from as low as $0.01 to a maximum of $2 per line, thereby offering a range of possibilities for your betting strategy. With this versatile betting range, you have the opportunity to place your bets anywhere between $0.1 to $20, tailoring the game to suit your individual preferences and budget.

With your bet size firmly set, you're ready to set the reels in motion. This is accomplished by simply clicking on the Play button, easily identifiable by its vibrant red hue adorned with a white pointer. A single click on this button initiates the spinning action across all five reels, each boasting three rows. A vital detail to note is that Goddess of Lotus 10 Lines features a total of 10 paylines, enhancing your chances of securing enticing wins during your gameplay.

Goddess of Lotus 10 Lines presents a paytable comprising nine fundamental symbols, categorized into low and medium values. Among the low-value symbols, the playing card icons in varied colors take center stage. Achieving a combination of three, four, or five Jacks or Queens on an active pay line will yield rewards of 5x, 20x, or 50x your line bet. Similarly, attaining the same combinations with Kings or Aces will result in 5x or 10x, 40x, and 100x the line bet, respectively.

Within the medium-value category, players will encounter hand fans and red lanterns. A successful alignment of three, four, or five of these symbols on a line translates to payouts of 15x, 60x, or 150x the line bet. Furthermore, combinations featuring lucky coins offer rewards of 20x, 80x, or 200x your line bet, while the yin and yang symbols grant 20x, 80x, or 250x the line bet. Holding the position of the most lucrative basic symbol is the green dragon, bestowing winnings of 25x, 100x, or 500x your line bet.

Among the three symbols endowed with special attributes, the wild icon stands out as the sole paying symbol, with the potential to award up to 1,000 times the line bet. However, these symbols predominantly offer unique features to enhance the gameplay experience.

Features of Goddess Of Lotus 10E (Spinomenal)

Enjoy an exciting game on Goddess Of Lotus 10 Lines with a 5-reel setup. Unleash the power of the goddess wild symbol, decipher the mysteries of the Japanese scroll, and trigger countdown wild respins for extended thrills. Test your fate in the bonus game with the wheel of fortune, and seize the opportunity for free spins with lotus flower icons. Choose wisely from five options to introduce stacked wilds to the reels, adding a new layer of excitement to your gameplay.

Wild Symbols, Respins, Sticky Symbols

Within this virtual slot game, two distinct wild symbols make their appearance. The first takes on the form of the divine goddess, while the second mirrors a depiction of twin koi fish. Both wilds assume the role of substitutes for any absent standard symbols. Particularly, the koi fish serves as a countdown wild, granting the delight of one or more re-spins and steadfastly maintaining its position throughout these subsequent spins. Achieving the presence of five wild symbols along a winning line results in a substantial reward, reaching as high as 1000 times the initial line bet.

Mystery Symbols

Among the intriguing features of this game is the inclusion of a mystery symbol, depicted as an enigmatic scroll. When the reels come to a halt, this scroll unveils its magical properties, morphing into a single, recognizable basic symbol. This element of surprise adds an extra layer of anticipation and excitement to each spin as the hidden potential behind the scroll unravels before your eyes, contributing to the overall immersive experience of Goddess of Lotus 10 Lines.

Free Spins, Scatter Symbols, Expanding Symbols

To initiate a captivating round of free spins in Goddess of Lotus 10 Lines, you'll need to secure a trio or more of scatter symbols (depicted as delicate lotus flowers) positioned anywhere across the first, third, and fifth reels. During this enthralling mode, the goddess wild assumes an expanded form, gracing the reels with its presence throughout the duration of the round. A unique twist awaits as you're tasked with selecting the specific reel where the expanding wild will materialize. This pivotal decision holds the key to unlocking your free spins bounty, with a range of 10 to 20 spins on offer, promising an extended adventure within the realms of this enchanting game.

Bonus Games, Bonus Symbols, Bonus Wheel

The emergence of three or more dispersed Bonus symbols will set in motion the activation of the captivating Bonus Game. In the midst of this engaging feature, a splendid 3-tiered Wheel of Fortune will grace your screen, offering an enticing array of potential rewards. With a trio of spins at your disposal, each rotation of the wheel holds the promise of uncovering prizes that encompass lucrative win multipliers, additional rounds of free spins, or the coveted level-up advancement. As you ascend through the tiers, the innermost level of the Bonus Wheel beckons, where the treasures grow even more substantial. Moreover, the gratification of leveling up extends beyond the realm of spins, as an extra spin awaits those who exhaust their allocated attempts, with the accumulated winnings serving as a delightful bonus.

Goddess Of Lotus 10E (Spinomenal): Summary

In the realm of online gaming, Goddess of Lotus 10E by Spinomenal stands as a captivating and visually enchanting creation that beckons players into a world of ancient Chinese mystique. With its harmonious blend of traditional and innovative gameplay elements, this slot offers an engaging experience for both novice and seasoned players alike. The beautifully designed backdrop of mountains and starlit skies provides a serene setting against the dynamic 5x3 grid, where the goddess herself and the mesmerizing koi fish wilds come to life. As the lotus flowers bloom across the reels, they usher in a realm of possibilities, from the allure of sticky respins to the thrill of uncovering hidden mysteries with the scroll symbol.

The interactive Bonus Game takes players on an exciting journey through the tiers of the Wheel of Fortune, bestowing multipliers, free spins, and level-up opportunities. And when the goddess herself takes center stage during the Free Spins feature, her expanding presence opens the door to even greater potential rewards. With its user-friendly interface, seamless compatibility across devices, and the promise of a maximum win of 3,000 times the stake, Goddess of Lotus 10E is a game that invites players to embrace mystic energy and seek their fortune within its captivating reels at BC.GAME, this slot promises an unforgettable odyssey into an ancient world of intrigue and riches, making it a worthy addition to any player's gaming journey.

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